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New minimum annual Subscription below of US $2 for those unable to afford our recommended Premium of US $10 with a facility to pay the same if you desire. Membership has been fully automated. Enjoy our new multi-media facility with many rare gems in store! David Akenhead, CEO Akenhead crosswords.

5.5 miles high to be precise! Join us on our quest and enjoy along the way the refined air of the London Times and Sunday Times crosswords with our new App and help us radiate our message around the Globe! Spread the Word!

Our NEW Crossword Subscriber app, (re-launched Wednesday, 4th May 2022) with digital crossword products (and publications) from The Times and The Sunday Times from 1930 and 1925 respectively, includes:

  • The first 100 Times Vintage Crosswords from 1930.

  • Cryptic crossword publications including 75 Years of The Times Crossword, courtesy of Richard Browne and David Akenhead and The Times Crossword Masterclass courtesy of Brian Greer and David Akenhead.

  • Concise crossword publications from The Times including The Times Concise Crossword Puzzles, Books 1 and 2 with 240 puzzles apiece, plus further Books 3 to 6 from founder and originator, Margaret Webb.

  • Later Concise crossword publications from The Times including  The Times Two Crossword Books 1 to 8 and The Times Quick Crossword Books 1 to 6 courtesy of Richard Browne and John Grimshaw.
  • Concise and Cryptic crossword publications from The Sunday Times from 1925 through to late 2000, courtesy of Barbara Hall.
  • 1,000 Times Concise Crossword games, 100 Times Jumbo games, 100 Times Crossword games, 100 Sunday Times Crossword games from original puzzles published in The Times and The Sunday Times by David Akenhead.
  • Our new Latin Crossword games courtesy of David Akenhead.

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  • The War Years project courtesy of David Akenhead.
  • The Akenhead Years 1965 to 1985  courtesy of David Akenhead.
  • Sample crosswords and historical selections from The Times and The Sunday Times. 

After registration, the subscription for the Akenhead Crossword app will be deducted from your payment card annually. Your subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of term, and you will be notified accordingly, unless you instruct otherwise. Subscriptions may be subject to change but advanced notice will be given. Excluded are any local taxes or exclusions that may apply.