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The Times Crossword – February 1941

3,414 (2/1 Sat)
3,415 (2/3 Mon)
3,416 (2/4 Tue)
3,417 (2/5 Wed)
3,418 (2/6 Thu)
3,419 (2/7 Fri)
3,420 (2/8 Sat)
3,421 (2/10 Mon)
3,422 (2/11 Tue)
3,423 (2/12 Wed)
3,424 (2/13 Thu)
3,425 (2/14 Fri)
3,426 (2/15 Sat)
3,427 (2/17 Mon)
3,428 (2/18 Tue)
3,429 (2/19 Wed)
3,430 (2/20 Thu)
3,431 (2/21 Fri)
3,432 (2/22 Sat)
3,433 (2/24 Mon)
3,434 (2/25 Tue)
3,435 (2/26 Wed)
3,436 (2/27 Thu)
3,437 (2/28 Fri)
The Times Crossword – February 1941 -
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      The Times Crossword        The War Years – Chronology

      The War Years Collection – 1941

      Sources: The Times Atlas of  The Second World War – Edited by John Keegan

                         The Times Archive

      January 1-22    First Washington Conference.

      January 1-2      British sea and air bombardment of Bardia.

       January 5         Australians capture Bardia: 48,000 prisoners.

      January 10       Lend-Lease Bill introduced to Congress.

      January 11       HMS Southampton sunk in the Mediterranean by Stuka attack.

      January 20       Roosevelt’s third inauguration.

      January 22       Tobruk falls to British and Australians: 25,000 prisoners.

      January            Allied shipping losses: 76 ships of 320,200 tons, 21 to U-boats.

      February 1-14  German Pocket battleship Admiral Hipper sinks 7 ships in raid from Brest.

      February 3        German battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau break into North Sea in Operation Berlin.

      February 6        British and Australians take Benghazi.

      February 7        Italian collapse at Beda Fomm.

      February 10      Mussolini accepts offer of a German armoured division. British forces advance into East Africa.

      February 11       Darlan appointed deputy and successor to Pétain.

      February 12       Rommel arrives in Tripoli.

       February 14       German troops join Rommel.

      February 19       Australian 8th Division lands in Singapore.

      February 24       Britain agrees to send forces to Greece.

      February 25       British forces occupy Mogadishu.

      February 27       New Zealand cruiser sinks Italian ship off Maldives.

      March 1              RAF 1,000-bomber raid on Cologne: first use of AI air-to-air radar. Bulgaria joins Axis and German troops enter country. Free French Forces capture Kufra Oasis.

      March 4              Commando raid on Lofoten Islands (Norway). (Albania). 5 Italian warships, (2 cruisers, 3 destroyers) with strong Italian fighter escort began shelling coast road to Himare, Albania. RAF Flight Lieutenants, Ace South African, Marmaduke ‘Pat’ Pattle DFC and Bar and Australian Ace, Richard Nigel ‘Ape’ Cullen DFC and Bar intercepted the ships in their Hurricanes. Cullen’s aircraft was ‘jumped by a Fiat CR42, and last seen heading straight into the side of a mountain – my uncle aged 22 years, honoured yearly at Kefalonia by the good people of that island, along with his great friend, ‘Pat’ who succumbed a month later at the Battle of Piraeus Harbour against impossible odds aged 26 years – both lovingly remembered by family and friends and never Forgotten – DA

      March 6              Churchill gives Battle of Atlantic Directive.

      March 7              British and Australian forces land in Greece. HMS Wolverine sinks U-47 (N. Atlantic).

      March 8              Senate passes Lend-Lease Bill.

      March 9-25         Greeks repel Italian counter-offensive in Albania.

      March 11             Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease Bill.

      March 13             Devastating night raids on Glasgow and Clydeside leave two-thirds of the population homeless.

      March 16-17       U-99 and U-100 sunk.

      March 19            German ultimatum to Yugoslavia.

      March 22            End of Operation Berlin, Germans sink 22 vessels.

      March 25             Yugoslavia signs tripartite Pact.

      March 27             Coup in Yugoslavia.

      March 28-29      Battle of Cape Matapan (Mediterranean), RN sinks 3 Italian cruisers.

      March 30            Afrika Korps offensive in Cyrenaica. US Navy begins to patrol west Atlantic.

      March                  Allied shipping losses: 139 ships of 529,700 tons, 41 to U-boats, 41 to aircraft, with 6 U-boats sunk.

      April 1                  Raschid Ali seizes power in Iraq.

      April 4                 Afrika Korps captures Benghazi. German raider Thor sinks armed merchant cruiser Voltaire (Atlantic).

      April 6                 Germans invade Greece and Yugoslavia.

      April 10               Germans capture Zagreb.

      April 11                US Navy covers to 26º W, British cover to 35º W. Germans take Belgrade.

      April 13               Rommel’s forces surround Tobruk. Japan and USSR sign 5-year neutrality pact, freeing Soviet forces to fight the Germans.

      April 15               RAF Coastal Command under RN control increases cover.

      April 16               German troop convoy wiped out of Kerkennah Islands.

      April 17                Yugoslav army capitulates.

      April 20               Battle of Piraeus Harbour, Athens. RAF v. Luftwaffe encounter. RAF South African Ace, Squadron Leader Marmaduke ‘Pat’ Pattle DFC and Bar (mentioned earlier), ignoring medical orders deeming him unfit for duty, chose instead to join the conflict and engage German aircraft over Piraeus on this day. He was last seen battling Messerschmitt 110s. His Hurricane crashed into the sea against hopeless odds. Lovingly remembered by family and friends – DA.

      April 21                Japanese occupy Foochow.

      April 22               Greek army surrenders to Germans at Thessaloniki; British withdrawal begins. Germans break through at Thermopylae.

      April 25               Germans occupy Halfaya Pass.

      April 27               Germans enter Athens. British evacuate Greece.

      April 28               Germans take Sollum.

      April 30               Iraqi troops surround RAF base at Habbaniya.

      April                     Allied shipping losses: 195 ships of 687,000 tons, 43 to U-boats, 116 to aircraft.

      May 1-9                Liverpool Blitz.

      May 1                    German attack on Tobruk repulsed.

      May 2                    Iraq demands British withdrawal.

      May 5-9                Tiger convoy carries tanks to Alexandria.

      May 6-10              British forces defeat Iraqis and march on Baghdad. 

      May 7                    Captured German ship provides secret Enigma code papers.

      May 8                    RN cruiser Cornwall sinks German raider Pinguin near Seychelles.

      May 9                    Thailand and French Indo-China sign peace treaty in Tokyo. Captured U-boat provides British with Hydra naval code.

      May 10                  Climax of London Blitz. Hess flies to Scotland.

      May 14                  British reinforcements land in Singapore.

      May 15                  Gloster E28/39 flight powered by Whittle jet engine. Operation Brevity, British retake Sollum and Halfaya.

      May 18-27            Voyage of the Prinz Eugen and Bismarck.

      May 20-31            Operation Merkur: German invasion of Crete. 6,000 paratroops dropped.

      May 24                  Prinz Eugen and Bismarck engage Hood and Prince of Wales. Hood sunk.

      May 27                  Bismarck sunk after a torpedo from an RN Fairey Swordfish bi-plane from the Aircraft Carrier HMS Ark Royal, piloted by RN Lieutenant John Moffat  which disabled one of her screws. Leaving her vulnerable and helpless, unable to manoeuvre, except in a circle. HMS Rodney was called in, and just one shell was enough to disable her command. HMS Dorsetshire was called in to scuttle her with torpedoes. These tragic encounters resulted in just 114 survivors from her crew of 2,100, contrasted with HMS Hood’s earlier loss of 1,415 souls from a complement of 1,418.

      May 27                  Newfoundland Escort Force accompanies convoy HX-129.

      May 30                  Iraqi revolt ends.

      May 31                   British abandon Crete.

      May                        Allied shipping losses: 139 ships, 58 of 325,000 tons to U-boats.

      June 1                    British enter Baghdad. Prinz Eugen reaches Brest. US Coastguard begin patrols of southern Greenland.

      June 2                   Vichy government orders census of Jews.

      June 5                   Germans claim 15,000 prisoners on Crete.

      June 8                   British, Australian, Indian and Free French forces invade Syria.

      June 11                  Italians occupy Greece. USSR-Japanese trade pact.

      June 13                  12,000 Jews ‘interned’ in France.

      June 14-17            British Operation Battleaxe fails to relieve Tobruk.

      June 17                  Japanese-Dutch negotiations fail.

      June 21                  Free French occupy Damascus. Auchinleck replaces Wavell as Commander-in-Chief in Middle East.

      June 22                 Germany invades USSR. Italy and Rumania declare war on USSR.

      June 23                 Hungary and Slovakia declare war on USSR. Germans cross River Bug. Destruction of Soviet Air Force.

      June 23-29          Battle of convoy HX-133, 5 ships lost for 2 U-boats (out of 10)

      June 26                 Finland declares war on USSR.

      June 27                 Japan declares ‘Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere’.

      June 28                Germans capture Minsk.

      June 30                Germans encircle Russian forces in Bialystok ‘pocket’.

      June                      Allied shipping losses: 109 ships of 432,000 tons, 61 ships of 310,000 tons to U-boats.

      July 1                    Germans capture Riga. US Navy aircraft start anti-sub patrols from Newfoundland.

      July 3                    Stalin calls for ‘scorched earth’ policy in broadcast. End of Vichy resistance in Syria.

      July 4                    Tito announces resistance in Yugoslavia.

      July 7                    US Marines arrive in Iceland.

      July 8                    First daylight raid by RAF ‘Flying Fortresses’ on Wilhelmshaven. Germany and Italy partition Yugoslavia.

      July 10                  Germans cross River Dnieper. Germany urges Japan to fight USSR.

      July 11                   Ceasefire in Syria.

      July 12                  Anglo-Soviet Mutual Assistance Agreement.

      July 14                 Acre convention between Allied and Vichy forces.

      July 15                 Germans capture Smolensk.

      July 16                 RAF bomb shipping in Rotterdam. Japanese Cabinet resigns.

      July 19                 BBC broadcasts ‘V’ for Victory declaring Resistance in occupied Europe. US Navy TF I protects all ships sailing to Iceland.

      July 21                 Moscow bombed.

      July 22                German advance halted through exhaustion of supplies.

      July 26                Italian E-boats attack Valetta harbour (Malta). Japanese assets frozen in US and UK.

      July 28                Japanese troops land in Indo-China to occupy Vichy bases.

      July 31                 Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ order. Style convoy reinforces Malta garrison (to 2nd Aug)

      July                      Allied shipping losses: 121,000 tons, 22 of 94,200 to U-boats.

      August 1              US oil embargo against ‘aggressor’ states.

      August 5              Siege of Odessa begins. US and Great Britain impose embargoes on sale of raw materials to Japan.

      August 7              RAF fighter sweeps over northern France begin. Stalin becomes USSR Supreme Commander.

      August 8-13        Japanese air-raids on Chung-king.

      August 9-12        Placentia Bay Conference.

      August 12            Atlantic Charter signed by Roosevelt and Churchill.

      August 16            Germans take Novgorod.

      August 18            National Fire Service formed in Britain.

      August 19            Germans surround Leningrad. British Spitzbergen expedition (to 3 Sept).

      August 24           Finns surround Russians at Vipuri.

      August 25-28     British and Russians enter Persia to secure oil supply.

      August 27            U-570 captured by Coastal Command bomber.

      August 29           Russians evacuate Karelian Isthmus.

      August                 Allied shipping losses: 41 ships of 130,700 tons, 23 of 80,300 to U-boats.

      September 1      Russians counter-attack at Gomel.

      September 2     Three Power Conference in Moscow (to 29th)

      September 3      First use of Auschwitz gas chambers.

      September 4      Heavy raids on Malta. USS Greer attacked by U-boat.

      September 5      Germans occupy Estonia.

      September 9      RAF raids Turin. Persian government accepts Anglo-Soviet terms.

      September 11     US Navy told to ‘shoot on sight’.

      September 12     First snows slow German offensive.

      September 15     Siege of Leningrad begins. Hitler orders U-boats to operate in the Mediterranean. U-boats diverted to Mediterranean.

      September 16     Germans to shoot 50 to 100 hostages in retaliation for the death of one of their own.

      September 18     Japanese prepare Southern Area operation.

      September 19     Germans take Kiev and Poltava.

      September 20     Italian ‘human torpedoes’ sink 3 ships at Gibraltar. First successful shooting-down of German plane from escort carrier HMS Audacity. (OG-74 still loses 6 from 27).

      Sept 23-28            Halberd convoy to Malta.

      September 25     German paratroops land in Crimea.

      September 28     Japanese occupy Changsha.

      September 29     British convoy PQI Reykjavik to Archangel, 84 ships of 285,900 tons lost, 53 to U-boats.

      September 30     Massacre of Jews at Kiev.

      October 4              RAF night raid on Benghazi.

      October 5               RAF night raid on Tripoli.

      October 6               RAF night raid on Piraeus.

      October 7               Panzers seal off Briansk and Vyazma pockets.

      October 8               Germans take Orel.

      October 10             Britain to supply USSR on Lend-Lease terms.

      October 14             Deportation of German Jews to Poland.

      October 16             Germans take Odessa. Soviet government moved to Kuibyshev.

      October 16-17        U-boat damages US destroyer Kearney

       October 17             Konoye resigns. Tojo takes over.

      October 20             German commander of Nantes shot by Resistance. 50 hostages shot in reprisal. Germans take Briansk. Japanese prepare Pearl Harbor attack.

      October 21              General Zhukov takes charge of Moscow defence.

      October 24             Germans take Kharkov.

      October 26             Japanese carrier fleet sets sail.

      October 27             Russians counter-attack at Moscow.

      October 29            Germans break through in Crimea.

      October 31             U-boat sinks US destroyer Reuben James, first American loss.

      October                  Allied shipping losses: 218,300 tons, 156,500 tons to U-boats.

      November 1          Germans take Simferopol. Marshal Shaposhnikov becomes Soviet Chief of Staff.

      November 2          Tito’s partisans and Chetniks war with each other in Yugoslavia.

      November 3          Germans capture Kursk. HMS Indomitable carrier intended for Far East damaged at Bermuda.

      November 6          Roosevelt announces $ 1 bn loan to USSR.

      November 8-9      British force K from Malta destroys Italian convoy.

      November 9          Germans take Yalta.

      November 14         RN Carrier Ark Royal sunk by U-boat.

      November 15         German advance halted by extreme cold.

      November 16         Germans take Kerch. 

      November 17          Keyes Raid – abortive Commando raid on Rommel’s HQ.

      November 18          Sir Alan Brooke appointed Chief of the Imperial General Staff. 8th Army launches Operation Crusader.

       November 19         HMAS Sidney intercepts German raider Kormoran. Both vessels sink.

      November 20         Tank battle at Sidi Rezegh.

      November 22         Germans take Rostov. HMS Devonshire sinks German raider Atlantis off West African coast.

      November 23         Afrika Korps destroys S. African 5th Brigade but is forced to retreat.

      November 25         German attack on Moscow, Panzers get within 20 miles of city. US Navy begins compulsory convoying of merchant ships.

      November 27         Mass Italian surrender at Gondar, Ethiopia.

      November 28         Germans lose Rostov. HMS Prince of Wales and HMS  Repulse arrive at Colombo.

      November 29         Rommel counter-attacks. Japan decides on war.

      November 30         British bomber sinks U-206 using ASV radar.

      November                Allied shipping losses: 104,600 tons, 13 ships of 62,200 tons to U-boats.

      December 5             Germans abandon attack on Moscow.

      December 7             Japanese land in Siam and Malaya, bomb Singapore. Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, declare war on US.

      December 8            Allies declare war on Japan. USSR remains neutral.

      December 10-11     Siege of Tobruk raised: Rommel retreats to Gazala.

      December 10          Japanese sink Repulse and Prince of Wales. Japanese land on Luzon, capture Guam.

      December 11           US declares war on Italy and Germany.

      December 14-23    Convoy HG-76 reaches Malta. Gibraltar to London fights off 12 U-boat attack (5 sunk) for the loss of escort carrier Audacity.

       December 15          British forces fall back in Burma, Malaya and Kowloon.

      December 16           British advance to Gazala; Rommel retreats to El Agheila.

      December 17           Hitler issues ‘Halt Order’ on general offensive. Japanese land

      in North Borneo.

      December 18           Japanese land in Hong Kong.

      December 19           Hitler assumes direct command of armies in field.

      December 22          (to 7 Jan) Churchill and Roosevelt decide strategy at the Arcadia Conference in Washington.

      December 22          Japanese land in Lingayen Gulf.

      December 24          Japanese capture Wake Island.

      December 25          British retake Benghazi. Hong Kong surrenders. Allied shipping losses: 430,000 tons.

      December 29          Russians retake Kerch.

      December              Allied shipping losses: 153,000 tons, year total: 1229 ships of 4,300,000 tons.