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The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 7

Puzzle No 1
The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 7 -
      • Across
      • Down
      This is the clue one
      if exist then display the clue two


      The Times Jumbo Crossword

      Book 7


      This seventh volume in a now well-established series brings a further sixty puzzles drawn from past games pages of The Times, those puzzles published between August 2008 and September 2009. Solvers who have tackled earlier books should find the recipe as before, a mix of straight definitions of dictionary words combined with a general knowledge element which is intended not to be too obscure.

      Once again, most of the puzzles are of my own devising but there are also three here by Don Manley, two from Dave Crossland, (who once again gave assistance with the proof-reading of this volume) and one by Richard Browne, these being the bonus puzzles being published on bank holidays.

      One of the good things about publishing puzzles that have already been road-tested by so many readers of The Times is the chance to revisit any of the clues that gave rise to puzzled feedback, or which now seem to me to have been than I originally intended. My intention is always to present an entertaining challenge without unnecessary bafflement, though I do also subscribe to the belief that a puzzle that doesn’t occasionally stretch the boundaries of one’s knowledge probably isn’t worth tackling on a regular basis.

      I’ve now been setting Times2 puzzles for over nine years and still greatly enjoy the process of creating them and striving to achieve a consistent and appropriate level of difficulty. Feedback from solvers is always welcome in this respect and comments over the years have certainly shaped my thinking about what is fair game for inclusion and what is not. Even so, I recently saw an online review of an earlier volume in this series that mentioned the occasional ‘esoteric solution’. If only I knew which they were before publication…

      For the book in hand, I wish you good (and hopefully not too esoteric) solving!

      John Grimshaw

      Times2 Crossword Editor

      August 2012