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The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 5

Puzzle No 1
The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 5 -
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      This is the clue one
      if exist then display the clue two


      The Times Jumbo Crossword

      Book 5


      Here is another collection of sixty Times 2 Jumbo crosswords, containing all those published in the period August 2006 to August 2007. A few are by Dave Crossland (three), Don Manley (two) and Richard Browne (one), who were collectively responsible for the additional Bank Holiday puzzles augmenting my weekly ones.

      One great advantage for solvers of now having the puzzles presented in book form is that the time pressure of knowing there’s another puzzle coming along the following week is entirely absent and so if you want to take it slowly or allow yourself the luxury of going on to the next puzzle and coming back later to fill in those last few answers, it is entirely up to you.

      I’m often asked how I start to create a Times 2 Jumbo crossword. It all has to start with filling the grid with approachable and clueable words, there being a set of standard grids for the Jumbo. Because the grids do double duty every week for the cryptic and Times 2 puzzles, the running order is determined by Richard Browne, the Editor of the cryptic crosswords, based mainly on the need for variety and what submissions he has in hand from his team of setters. I therefore fill grids as soon as he lets me know which ones to use next, with the aid of a helpful computer programme known as Sympathy, written by Ross Beresford,, a former editor of The Listener crossword. This doesn’t do the whole job (or I’d be redundant!), but is used simply as a tool that identifies words that will fit with letters already entered in the grid. The trick is to select an entry at each stage, backtracking when impasses are reached, so as to achieve a grid using words that are not too obscure and can be fairly concisely clued, the filling process being completed before work on the clues begins. For help with the clues, I consult a number of dictionaries, but my mainstay is always the latest edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, augmented by a few of the smaller encyclopedias for the general knowledge content.

      John Grimshaw

      Times 2 Crossword Editor

      September 2010