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The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 3

Puzzle No 1
The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 3 -
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      This is the clue one
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      The Times Jumbo Crossword

      Book 3


      The sixty puzzles in this volume were all published in The Times between July 2004 and July 2005 and comprise 54 of my weekly puzzles together with six puzzles from holiday issues by the team of ‘occasionals’, two each by Richard Browne, Dave Crossland and Don Manley.

      The required level of vocabulary and general knowledge remains at about the same level as for previous T2 Jumbo books, very slightly more extensive than that for the daily T2 puzzle where there are generally far less constraints in filling the grids.

      I have again taken the opportunity to edit the clues very slightly, in particular expanding abbreviations for clarity now that a little more space is available than in the paper. I have also occasionally altered something as a result of comments received from solvers, a useful form of feedback that I am always happy to receive.

      Unusually, one puzzle now has a quite different corner, where I have been able to correct my slip (which I am surely not the first to make) in asking solvers to enter the name of the brigantine whose crew disappeared in unexplained circumstances as the ‘Marie Celeste’. In fact, as one solver pointed out, the ship was the ‘Mary Celeste’, the ‘Marie’ form being popularised later by Conan Doyle, when he wrote a fictionalised account of the mystery. I could have rewritten the clue to refer specifically to the fictional variant, but I thought that would be too cumbersome. Rather than perpetrate the problem, I recomposed the relevant corner by altering this and a number of intersecting and surrounding entries. My original ‘Marie Celeste’ thus now has, somewhat appropriately, followed the real ship’s crew into oblivion.

      John Grimshaw

      Times 2 Crossword Editor

      August 2008