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The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 14

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The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 14 -
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      This is the clue one
      if exist then display the clue two


      The Times Jumbo Crossword

      Book 14


      This fourteenth volume of 60 Times2 Jumbo crosswords brings together all those originally published by The Times between February 2016 and February 2017, comprising 54 of the weekly Saturday puzzles and six of the Easter, Christmas and Bank Holiday “extras”.

      Regular solvers will find the standard unchanged from earlier volumes in this series and newcomers to the puzzle should find a level of difficulty that is always entertaining without straining the vocabulary except in the most infrequent cases. For reference, Collins English Dictionary is recommended, should you need to look up anything just to check.

      For those who like a bit of obscure and largely irrelevant statistical detail, all of the 24 standard Times Jumbo grids appear here between one and four times each. The grids were originally devised to feature a good and varied selection of different long phrase lengths and have served the setters of the cryptic puzzles and myself on the Times2 for many years. I’ve now filled some of them over fifty times each, so they have almost become like old friends, some more awkward than others, appearing one after another as I embark upon another grid fill.

      I would like to thank Roger Phillips for proofreading this volume and for his many helpful comments and corrections. I would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to his predecessor in the role, Dave Crossland, who died in 2018 just as I was beginning the preparation of this volume. Dave was a long-standing member of The Times’ crossword-compiling team and he is much missed by all those who knew him. This volume is dedicated to his memory.

      John Grimshaw

      Times2 Crossword Editor

      May 2019