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The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 12

Puzzle No 1
The Times Jumbo Crossword Book 12 -
      • Across
      • Down
      This is the clue one
      if exist then display the clue two


      The Times Jumbo Crossword

      Book 12


      The Times2 Jumbo crossword first appeared in the pages of The Times in 1993 and has been entertaining solvers with its mix of simple definitions and general knowledge clues ever since. This is now the twelfth volume to be published and the eleventh that I have had the pleasure of editing.

      The sixty puzzles in this volume originally featured in the paper between January 2014 and January 2015. As an editor, revisiting all these puzzles after a period of time allows me to make various little tweaks to the clues, perhaps changing something a solver commented on, updating anything that might now be clued more interestingly or simply thinking of a better wording to a clue that eluded me at the time of first publication, so I like to think they have now finally reached their definitive form.

      The level of word knowledge is no more than would be supported by a single-volume reference such as Collins English Dictionary and I try to keep the general knowledge aspect to the sort of thing solvers might well have encountered in articles in The Times or browsing elsewhere, both in print and online.

      I hope solvers, both long-standing and new, will enjoy tackling this latest set of puzzles and gain many hours of entertainment in doing so.

      John Grimshaw

      Times2 Crossword Editor

      May 2017