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The Times Jumbo Concise Crossword Book 2

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      These sixty Times2 Jumbo puzzles comprise all those published in The Times between May 2000 and May 2004. One feature of this collection
      will be apparent to even the most casual of page-turners, that two-thirds of the way through the book the Jumbo grids change from being 27
      squares by 27 to 23 by 23. This shrinkage occurred in January 2003, when the T2 Jumbo crossword made the transition from appearing on
      only high days and holidays, between six and thirteen a year, to being a constant alternative to the cryptic puzzle that had already become weekly
      in 1997.

      While Jumbos had been relatively infrequent, it had been possible largely to conceal the fact from solvers that there really aren’t
      that many long phrases that are suitable for use. At the weekly frequency some would have come round just too often for comfort. Therefore it was
      decided to reduce the size in the interests of continued variety. One side effect of this change was that, since constraints on a
      setter filling the smaller grid are slightly fewer, the general level of obscurity of the answers that have to be employed to get the words to fit
      together could also be relaxed. Thus, you may find that the earlier, larger, puzzles demand just a little wider vocabulary as well as a little extra time
      on account of the higher number of clues.

      These puzzles are by three hands, forty-one by Richard Browne, who compiled exactly one hundred definition-style Jumbos from their
      beginning until he took over as the main Times Crossword Editor and passed the Times2 baton to me. There are eighteen of my puzzles here
      and a single example by Don Manley, one of three compilers who now augment my regular Saturday slot by providing the extra holiday puzzles
      that appear on other days during the year.

      Little editing has been carried out on these puzzles since publication, although the opportunity has been taken where appropriate
      of expanding some of the abbreviations and shortenings in the clues necessitated by the constraints of layout in the paper, which do not apply here.

      John Grimshaw
      Times2 Crossword Editor
      October 2006