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      The Times General Knowledge Crossword Book 1


      Welcome to The Times General Knowledge Crossword, Book 1. At the outset of this new series, it’s worth stating what we mean by “general knowledge”. A comprehensive definition, however, is less straightforward to pin down than you might imagine. By and large, the answers in these crosswords are things in the real world: people, places, animals, works of art — rather than simple synonyms for given words. A general knowledge crossword is to a concise crossword as an encyclopaedia is to a dictionary.

      What about the level of difficulty? In this book, an average reader of The Times should have a realistic chance of completing a puzzle without recourse to works of reference, especially the internet. I wanted to allow solvers to achieve the glow of satisfaction that comes with finishing a puzzle through brainpower alone — at least some of the time anyway.

      In each puzzle, there should be a good range of subjects, although this is one area where it is impossible to please everybody. In the more niche areas, I’ve tried to steer clear of obscurity. So a pop singer is likely to be a chart-topper, an actor an award-winner and a sportsperson a champion — or they should be household names for some other reason. The sciences feature as well as the arts, although, as in most quizzes, the latter crop up more frequently than the former.

      I’ve used grids that allow a wide range of word lengths, from three letters at the shortest to a maximum of 15. My own experience is that grids populated by lots of short answers are less fun to solve. I also imposed on myself a strict quota of “fill the blank” style clues, which are fine in moderation, but can become rather tedious if frequently used.

      The puzzles in this book start with the first General Knowledge crossword printed in The Times in December 2019 through to No 80, published in June 2021. I would like to thank David Whisson for his assiduous checking of each puzzle before its original publication and Roger Phillips for performing the same role before republication in this collection. The responsibility for any errors in the text, however, lies squarely with me.

      If you would like to solve more Times General Knowledge crosswords, the series appears every Monday in our print and digital editions (thetimes.co.uk/subscribe).

      David Parfitt

      September 2021