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The Times 1,000 Concise Crossword Games Video

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The Times 1,000 Concise Crossword Games Video -
This is the clue one
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These games are a marvellous mental workout against the clock! A solution pattern has been extracted from an original 13 x 13 Times Concise Crossword. Your job is to fill in all the solutions in any order you choose in the fastest possible time.

The letters contained therein are arranged in a stack of tiles alphabetically placed above the grid. Each letter is accompanied by a number tag indicating the number of tiles available. Play commences with the activation of the clock by clicking on anywhere in the solution pattern before you. Play may be paused or reactivated at any time. Remember you are testing yourself on this one and some may like the challenge of completing the game without pause, at least until the very last letter has been acknowledged! Guide your cursor anywhere on the grid. Clicking in a square starts your challenge and the clock. The relevant clue appears above the grid. Your task is to ‘complete’ your puzzle by filling in all the squares in the fastest time possible, by selecting the letters you need from the alphabetical stack. Clicking on a letter notifies the program that you wish to place that letter. The tile tally is automatically reduced. Clicking again on the grid allows that letter to appear in your designated spot. If you believe you’ve made an error, touching the letter again blanks it out, and you can either return it to the stack, which will augment accordingly or place it elsewhere on the grid. Meanwhile the time will continue to your disadvantage! Letters are revealed on the grid against a blue background. Enjoy the ride!

David Akenhead, CEO Akenhead Crosswords