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The Sunday Times Cryptic Crossword Book 1 – 2021

The Sunday Times Cryptic Crossword Book 1 – 2021 -
This is the clue one
if exist then display the clue two


The Sunday Times Cryptic Crossword Book 1

This book contains one hundred Sunday Times cryptic cosswords, mostly published in 2011 and 2012. Don Manley became a new setter of our Mephisto crossword, and stood down from the cryptic crossword. I replaced him with Dean Mayer, who had recently returned to newspaper crossword setting. Two others have joined since 2012 and some of their puzzles are included as a sample of the crosswords you would now see as a subscriber.

Puzzle 31 in this book was no. 4444 in the paper, and I persuaded Tim Moorey to mark this with a slightly non-standard puzzle. As this puzzled some solvers too much, the version used here is a more conventional one sent to newspapers using our crosswords as syndicated content, in which you may see that six down answers can have an appropriate word added. Puzzle 51 was part of an online-only Christmas Day edition, and appears in print for the first time. Other puzzles include ones marking two major sporting events — the 2012 Olympics and April Fool’s Day. You may notice a change in grids, starting with puzzle 42, as I revised the set of stock grids and allowed setters to design their own ones.

If you need a dictionary to confirm answers or meanings, everything apart from a few bits of general knowledge, should be findable in Collins English Distionary. For those new to cryptic crosswords, the next few pages have the best advice I can offer in the space available.

I would like to thank my Times Crossword Championship marking room colleague Roger Phillips for proofreading the puzzles, but as the editor, responsibility for any mistakes is mine.

Peter Biddlecombe

Sunday Times Crossword Editor

August 2021