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Clue : Porridge ingredient (7) The Sunday Times Concise Crossword Book 3, Crossword 6 – 5 down
Answer : OATMEAL

Clue : Early restraint for dramatist (7) The Sunday Times Crosswords Omnibus Book, Crossword 6 – 21 down
Answer : PLAYPEN

Clue : Sketching out the future of a clueless sailor (11) The Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword Book 1, Puzzle 2 – 16 across

Clue : German housewife (8) The Times Concise Crosswords Book 6, Crossword 55 – 12 across

Clue : Sort of board where you find pawn confronting piece (8) The Times Crossword Masterclass, Crossword 99 – 20 across

Clue : Huge electoral win (9) The Times Jumbo Concise Crossword Book 2, Puzzle 1 – 23 down

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World War 2 record with our unique digital transcripts of The Times crossword, from the Chamberlain declaration on Sunday 3rd September 1939 until its conclusion aboard the USS Missouri on Sunday 2nd September 1945 in Tokyo Bay. – All Items unlocked are on the new FREE Preview App.
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